Chevy Tahoe and Suburban Beef Up the Anti-Theft Security


The new 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban were not only redesigned for the pleasure of their drivers. They were also redesigned with enhanced safety features to deter thieves.

We know the Tahoe and Suburban are popular vehicles, but that doesn’t mean owners should have to share with thieves. General Motors gives new owners added security by installing safety technology that not only sounds an alarm, it can also render the SUVs essentially immovable.

The available theft protection plan provides owners with interior and vertical-movement sensors, optional window break in or glass break, and side-milled keys to decrease the likelihood thieves will be able to pick the lock.

“We have engineered a layered approach to vehicle security,” said Bill Biondo, General Motors’ global vehicle security lead. “With new standard features and the available theft protection package, we are making the 2015 Tahoe a less attractive target to thieves and more secure for our customers.”

We’ll have these SUVs and the peace of mind that comes with them at Wiesner of Hunstville this spring.

Winter Car Care and Maintenance


We’re deep into December, and that means we’re in the thick of winter. In other words, here in Huntsville, Texas, the temperature has finally dipped under 100 degrees for a few days. But seriously, while we may not see any of that white snow that coats the Northern reaches of our continent, just because we’re in Texas doesn’t mean we can neglect important winter car care and maintenance.

Anyone who has lived in Texas can tell you that just because it’s 75 degrees at 8 am doesn’t guarantee you there won’t be an ice storm by 8 pm. Just remember a couple weeks back to the huge storm that covered Dallas in ice. It’s important to be prepared for these eventualities. If you haven’t had a vehicle check-up recently, schedule an appointment with our expert maintenance techs at Wienser of Hunstville today. We’ll check all your car’s important systems and make sure nothing dangerous threatens the safety of your car.

Winter is also a great time to do routine maintenance procedures like replacing your windshield wipers, getting an oil change, and rotating your tires. Check with your owner’s manual—or call us for help—to see if it’s time for any of these actions.

Finally, make sure to keep your car clean—inside and out—to keep your vehicle in the best possible shape for winter wear and tear. Follow these tips and, whether you’re home in Texas or driving through a blizzard in Alaska, you’ll be prepared for anything.

Top 5 Gifts for Drivers


Here at Wiesner of Huntsville, we are getting the last of our holiday shopping in order. We’ve made our list, and we’ve checked it twice to give our ‘nice’ friends the best driving gifts we could find. Here are our top 5 gifts for drivers this year:

  1. Hands-Free Phone Kit – Make sure your loved ones keep both hands on the wheel with the gift of a hands-free phone kit. These earpieces can give drivers up to four hours of talk time without fumbling with the phone.
  2. Car Camera – If the videos from Russia are any measure, a car camera can really pay off. Recording everything from routine traffic stops to serious accidents, a dash-mounted car camera can pay off in the courtroom.
  3. Driving Gloves – Go retro with the gift of a pair of leather driving gloves. Ryan Gosling has put driving gloves back in fashion as the stunt performer/getaway driver in 2011’s Drive. Great for that trend-setter on your gift list.
  4. Heated Seat Covers – The luxury of seats with heat and massage does not need to be limited to drivers in luxury cars. Most heated seat covers will plug into the power socket on the console, and massage chairs often take just a few batteries to operate.
  5. ‘ Learn How to Park’ Cards – Some may consider this a gag gift, but most drivers will put them to good use. These clever business cards from Zazzle allow us to let off steam when our fellow drivers forget how to use a parking lot.

What are you going to give drivers this year?

Park Smart: Avoiding Parking Nightmares This Holiday Season


If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, you have a little more than two weeks to get your gifts together. We’re proud of you for braving the crowds and the traffic. Before you head out, we at Wiesner of Huntsville have a few words to the wise to help keep you and your vehicle safe.

Actually, our advice can be summed up in just two words: Park smart. That statement probably isn’t grammatically correct; but if you can overlook that small detail, this should be your mantra for the holiday shopping season.

If you park too close to the store’s entrance, it will take much longer for you to get out of the parking lot as you wait for everyone and their mom to slowly amble across the crosswalk.

If you park too far away, you run the risk of parking in a more isolated, dimly lit area, which will make your vehicle an easier target for thieves doing some shopping of their own.

If you park next to the student driver who hasn’t quite figured out how to fit between the two white lines, your car may suffer when he or she inevitably tries to back out from the contorted position. Okay, let’s be fair. We all have those moments of parking failure, but you may still want to think twice before you put your car next to another vehicle in that precarious position.

The ideal parking space is somewhere in the middle.

After you’ve found it, take just as much care in safely backing out of that space once your shopping is done. If you have a rear camera or similar safety technology in your vehicle, this would be an excellent time to put it to use.

We know the busy parking lot can be a nightmare this time of year, but we hope our sage advice on how to park smart will make your experience a little more holly and jolly. Happy shopping!