Buick Technology Keeps Getting Better

Most of us know that the Buick brand is known for style, class, and design, but also for their impeccable technology features integrated in each model. With features like Buick IntelliLink®, a Bose® premium audio system, and QuietTuning®, you have all you need right at the tip of your fingers. If you thought Buick had it all now, prepare to have your mind blown.


Buick announced this week that most of their 2015 models will have the optional feature of OnStar 4G LTE, allowing passengers to connect to a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot either on the go or parked. Passengers will be better connected to the world, and have the ability to access the Buick AppShop, browse the web, stream music, check email, and much, much more. The 2015 Buick Regal, Verano, LaCrosse, and Encore will come standard with 4G LTE capability, but will need a data package necessary for activation.

This is just the first step of integrated technology for 2015 Buick models. By 2016, every Buick model will include the LTE technology, and the lucky owners of Buick models will absolutely love it. Buick technology will never stop improving, and this is just one reason why.

What do you think? Wouldn’t you love to be able to connect to your own Wi-Fi spot through your car?

Chevrolet Charges Ahead with Cross-Marketing Campaign for Captain America Sequel

Chevrolet has always had a strong presence in the entertainment industry, but they’ve especially capitalized on that exposure in recent years—being featured heavily in shows like “Nashville” and “Hawaii Five-O,” plus a starring role in the “Transformers” movie franchise. Now, Chevy is teaming up with the Marvel universe and Captain America specifically, launching a cross-marketing campaign with “The Winter Soldier” sequel coming out on April 4.

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is a great platform for Chevy. The Marvel franchise has priceless global cache, so the vehicles featured in the movie, especially the all-new Corvette Stingray, will receive great exposure. Plus, we’ll all get to see Chevy vehicles in breathtaking and exhilarating action sequences throughout the high-octane superhero movie. “Core brand values such as innovation, young-at-heart, heroism, can-do-spirit and authenticity intersect very well with Captain America’s values,” explained Steve Tihanyi, general director of marketing alliances and branded entertainment for General Motors.

While you’re waiting for the movie to come out next month, whet your appetite with this adorable video of kids acting out the “Captain America” trailer before a mom rolls up in a Chevy Traverse to pick one of the kids up from school. We know you’ll be just as excited to see both the movie and the Chevrolet vehicles it features, so come see us at Wiesner of Hunstville today!


Recovery Efforts Underway for Sinkhole Corvettes

On February 12, you may have woken up early in the morning feeling nervous, but not knowing why. If you’re a Corvette fan it was because eight valuable Corvettes had just been swallowed by a giant sinkhole that opened under the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky.

Now, nearly a month later, the recovery efforts are in full swing. Already, five of the eight cars have been pulled from the hole with varying degrees of damage.

The first car to come out was the last car to fall in, the 2009 Corvette ZR1 “Blue Devil.” To the naked eye this car appears to need little more than a car wash. In fact, it was in such good shape, workers were able to start it up and drive it out of the room. Museum officials say the car suffered a split oil-line, damage to the carbon fiber running boards, a small crack in the windshield, and some minor paint damage.

The other cars were not so lucky. Cars two through four will all need more extensive repairs. The 1993 40th Anniversary “Ruby Red,” has damage on virtually every body panel and a broken windshield. Next, was a beautiful, black 1962 Corvette, which was in remarkably good condition with only a minor crack in the rear and an eight-inch crack in the front fender. Corvette number four, the 1992 one millionth Corvette, looks a bit squashed and will need some bodywork and a new windshield.

The last Corvette pulled from the hole, the 1984 PPG Pace Car, suffered the most damage. It appears to have been “karate chopped” by a concrete slab as the rear panels are completely separated from the body.

We have to image the remaining three cars are in serious condition as well. The museum has said that all of the damaged Corvettes will go on display at the museum until June before they are transported to General Motors for restoration.

Cadillac Named Among J.D. Power’s 2014 Customer Champions


Cadillac has been named a 2014 Customer Champion by J.D. Power, one of fifty companies across nine industries to be recognized. This marks the third time the American luxury brand has earned the prestigious distinction.

More than 600 brands were considered for 2014 Customer Champion awards. Using customer feedback, opinions, and perceptions gathered from its syndicated research in 2013, J.D. Power was able to handpick the top companies in the U.S.—those which are best remembered through their excellent service and dedication to customers.

“We believe that every interaction … represents a defining moment, an opportunity to differentiate ourselves and earn the loyalty of a customer,” said Bill Peffer, U.S. Vice President of Cadillac Sales and Service. “This philosophy of defining moments is what drives our new products, and we strive to carry that through to our sales and service experiences.”

Part of Cadillac’s commitment to customer service comes in the form of programs like Cadillac Shield, an all-in-one suite of owner benefits, such as Premium Care Maintenance, Remote Vehicle Diagnostics, and 24/7 roadside assistance. It’s no wonder they were one of the 2014 Customer Champions.

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