2015 GMC Canyon Interior Named One of Year’s Best

Each year, WardsAuto puts together their list of the best car interiors, highlighting which new vehicles best blend comfort, function, and style on the inside. This year, the 2015 GMC Canyon was chosen as one of Ward’s 10 Best Interiors.

2015 GMC Canyon Interior

It’s no surprise to us that the 2015 Canyon would be placed on this coveted list. The vehicle is frequently considered to be one of the most luxurious in its class, while maintaining the affordability of a non-official “luxury” car.

This balance of price and quality is part of what put the 2015 Canyon on the list, according to the website’s editor-in-chief, who points out that “shoppers need not buy a loaded full-size pickup” to get everything the 2015 Canyon has to offer.

If you haven’t had the chance to snuggle yourself into a 2015 Canyon yet, we recommend you check it out here at Wiesner of Huntsville. Let us know your thoughts on the 2015 GMC Canyon interior in the comments.

One thought on “2015 GMC Canyon Interior Named One of Year’s Best

  1. I have a Chevy Colorado Extra Cab 2010 , before that I had a 1982 GMC , a 1991 Chevy Extra Cab S-10 , and a 1998 Chevy Extra Cab S-10 They where TRUCKS ! Quite roomy with flat floor in the Extra Cab section Where I put my tool boxes I travel 100 Km every 3 weeks or so and carry the same stuff leaving back clear for bigger cargo , They where Trucks not a combination of car classe !

    All pick Ups chould be suplied whith towing bar because there mostly used for Work or to tow a small camper or boat ?
    The Wind shield wipers do not need to be hidden Snow and ice freeze in that cavity and it is a pain to clean and get going !
    The bumpers where Steels and strong and could whitstand a good bump !
    today the bumper are coverd in plastic and cost a fortune to replace ?
    The NEW Chevy Extra Cab and GMC extra Cab no room for my tool boxes the floor is not leval it is more for passengers, this is not the reason to by a truck
    The wiper cavity is a bit better but I still like the old stile
    The bumper is plastic it is not truck wherthy ?
    Mid size, GM does not know what the word meens The new 2015 Chevy colorado is as big as the 1500 ‘Ds
    I thought I could keep My wheels and winter tires 215/70R16 but no The new Truck has 265/70R16 and the bolts are bigger !!!

    I am buying a 2015 Chevy Extra Cab Colorado I have seen one All the above I do not like , What I like is the fact that I am keeping a new and recent vihicule , The back up camera , The foot steps

    I hope I am not making a mistake in buying this truck ?

    Sincerely Georges Gareau


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