How Anti-Lock Brakes Work

Anti-lock brakes come standard on most vehicles these days, but most people don’t know the principles behind them. Here’s a brief rundown on how anti-lock brakes work.

Anti-lock brakes function on the assumption that skidding wheels have less traction than wheels that are rolling. If your wheels keep rolling when you push your brakes—that is, if they don’t lock up—you’ll have more control over the wheels and be able to stop more safely.

how anti-lock brakes work

So anti-lock brakes use an automatic system to sense when the wheels are going to lock using speed sensors on the wheels. When you decelerate quickly or in an unexpected way, the sensors send information to the valve and pump, which decreases pressure to the brakes until it accelerates, then increases pressure until it decelerates. This helps the brakes slow down at the same rate as the car.

The ABS system will keep the brakes close to the point of locking, so that you have as much braking power as possible without the wheels actually locking up. So you can still stop quickly with ABS brakes, but they won’t let your wheels lock more quickly than your car can stop, which would lead to skidding.

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Chevrolet Presents the Woodward Dream Cruise for the Fifth Year

Woodward Dream Cruise

1947 Chevy Stylemaster Deluxe


For the fifth year in a row, Chevrolet was presenting sponsor of the Woodward Dream Cruise, an annual event for car enthusiasts that took place through the week of August 15th (last week) and brought over 1.5 million attendees from around the globe to Detroit, Michigan.

The Woodward Dream Cruise started in 1995 and has become the most popular auto event in the world, featuring displays from auto companies, classic car shows, live entertainment, the Thunder of Pontiac Festival, and so much more.

This year Chevy set up displays throughout the week, showcasing different vehicles every day. On the 11th, they hosted Volt owners for a silent cruise and displayed the brand new Volt. GM hosted the Design on Woodward event on the 12th, and the last three days of the event featured a Chevrolet Performance Display.

On the 15th, Chevy showed its entire lineup and sponsored the Camaro Corral. Chevy also contributed to the event with the Chevrolet Certified Service Rescue Squad, which provided assistance to vehicles in need of service.

Chevy has been a huge part of the Woodward Dream Cruise for years now, and we’re sure it will continue to be for a long time!