Prep Your Car for Winter with These Care Tips

Even down here in Texas, it’s a good idea to prep your car for winter and all the blustery weather that comes with it. Before it’s too late, follow these late-fall care car tips to protect your vehicle from the season’s worst.

Prep Your Car for Winter

Take care of your radiator.

Your radiator maintains your engine temperature, which makes it critical to your car’s overall health. Make sure your radiator system is properly filled with fresh antifreeze.

Take care of your battery.

Cold weather does a number on your battery, especially if it’s old. Check the positive and negative battery terminals for any rust or corrosion. Before bad weather is the best time to trade out that old battery for a fresh one!

Take care of your tires.

Changing temperatures can lead to changing tire pressure. Keep an eye on your tires and make sure your tire pressure matches the range suggested in your owner’s manual.

Keep your tank full.

A full tank of gas helps to keep moisture from collecting in the fuel lines where it might freeze if the temperature dips too low.


These are just a few fast suggestions to help you prep your car for winter this year. For more car care tips and tricks, come see us today here at Wiesner of Huntsville!

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