2015 Chevy Trax Safety Rating Furthers Chevy’s Claim to Safety

The all-new Chevy Trax was recently presented with a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This is the highest rating given out by the government organization.

2015 Chevy Trax Safety Rating

The 2015 Chevy Trax’s safety rating continues Chevy’s winning streak in terms of safety; Chevrolet has more 5-Star-rated vehicles for 2015 than any other automaker in the country. It is also reassuring to see another small SUV earn a top safety rating, as the market is expanding at an incredible rate. In fact, Chevrolet reports that the market for small SUVs like the Trax is expected to grow a whopping 80 percent over the course of the next few years.

Earning the top safety rating is no easy task. The Trax had to undergo front, side, and rollover testing in NHTSA’s New Car Assessment Program. The SUV was also subjected to a side pole impact test, in which the Trax earned another 5 stars.

“The Trax is the perfect example of Chevrolet’s commitment to putting state-of-the-art technology and class-leading safety features where it matters most for the customer,” said Brian Sweeney, the U.S. vice president of Chevrolet.

Among those features and technologies are 10 standard airbags, a standard rearview camera, and available rear park assist. In addition, the Trax is composed of 66 percent high-strength and ultra-high strength steels.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Come test drive the Trax today at Wiesner of Huntsville!

Chevrolet Bolt Concept Has Rivals Shaking In Their Boots

General Motors made some serious waves around the automotive world with the unveiling of the Chevrolet Bolt concept at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. With the arrival of the Bolt, Chevy was essential pushing its chips in and announcing to the world that it will be a contender in the EV market.

Chevrolet Bolt Concept

As Forbes shares, “Most electric vehicles currently available on the market…are low-range (around 70 miles) and sell at a price of a few thousand less than what the Chevy Bolt was unveiled for.” This is exactly why the Bolt has given everyone such a…jolt (sorry). The Bolt will boast a range of 200 miles. It will also sell for around $30,000. That’s $50,000 less than a vehicle it’s sure to rival, the Tesla Model S.

Forbes lists the Bolt’s other admirable features:

  • Self-driving technology
  • Spacious (hatchback)
  • 10-inch diagonal screen
  • Fast-charging

And if the arrival of the Chevrolet Bolt concept didn’t prove Chevy’s intentions to compete in the EV market, the imminent arrival of the redesigned 2016 Chevrolet Volt certainly will.  Keep an eye out for the brand-new Bolt here at Wiesner Huntsville in the next year or so.

The Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo is the Fantastic Future

Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo

Sometimes, a new vehicle concept will roll into an auto show and people will look at it thinking yeah, they’ll never mass-produce that.

The Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo is likely a concept that would inspire that very same reaction. After all, it doesn’t actually have an engine—it uses laser beams to create shock waves that equal about 900 horsepower. It doesn’t have a driver seat, either, acting instead like something of a heavy-duty wing suit that a driver basically lies down inside in order to drive.

Chevrolet doesn’t seem to think they’ll make it available to customers, either: Ed Welburn, Vice President of GM Global Design, said that the Chaparral is “a fantasy car in every sense of the word.”

But, man, do we ever want this thing.

On the plus side, even if we don’t ever have the chance to sell something like the Chaparral 2X VGT at Wiesner of Huntsville, we can drive it—in a manner of speaking—in Gran Turismo®6 for the PlayStation®3. The Chaparral is available to download now by simply installing “Update 1.15” for GT6 and completing a lap in the limited-time-only Seasonal Event.

We’ll be hooking up our PS3s to try this bad boy out for ourselves!

Not Even the Colorado Rockies Can Hide the Reimagined Volt

The 2016 Chevy Volt is on vacation: the next version of the popular electric vehicle has been taking test runs in the Colorado Rockies. This new Volt model will help the brand continue its shift towards producing more electric and ecofriendly vehicles.


2015 Chevrolet Volt

The test cars spotted in the Colorado Rockies were sporting a bit of camouflage, but not nearly enough to trick us. They were clearly Volts, but we could see that the brand is messing around with different headlight and taillight designs for the production model.

GM Authority says that when test cars make an appearance in Colorado, “it means they are undergoing both high altitude testing and cold weather testing. The thin air high up in the mountains can be hard on engines and EVs such as the Volt can have battery life and electric engine performance dwindled by extremely cold temperatures.”  The new Volt’s all-electric range is anticipated to go from 38 miles to around 50 or 60, thanks to a larger battery and a new design that makes the car more aerodynamic. The Volt will debut in January 2015 at the North American International Auto Show. If you can’t wait for the 2016 model, get your own 2015 Chevy Volt here at Wiesner of Huntsville!

Motor Trend Names New Z/28 Best Driver’s Car for Performance


Are you driven by and obsessed with performance? If so, you are probably already a fan of the Chevrolet Camaro, the brand’s longtime fan favorite sports car. Now, though, thanks to the all-new Z/28 version, the Camaro is a critical darling, as well. You see, Motor Trend just named the all-new Z/28 the best driver’s car for performance for 2014. It’s the first American-made car to win that title in the seven-year history of the award.

The prestigious award puts the new Camaro on a high pedestal, giving it a huge boost in the competitive muscle car market. But it’s nothing more than what was expected, according to Chevrolet.

“The mission for the new Z/28 was to create the most capable, best-handling Camaro in our history,” said Mark Reuss, General Motors’ executive vice president, Global Product Development. “As such, I can’t think of a better validation of that mission than for the Z/28 to be named Motor Trend’s Best Driver’s Car.”

If you’re looking for an excellent car that gives you the ultimate in performance, capability, style, and wow factor, there’s really only one choice, according to Motor Trend, as well as many other automobile experts. That choice is the all-new Camaro Z/28, so come see us at Wiesner of Huntsville to learn more about this ultra-fast sports car today.

GM Takes Advice From Customers for Next Generation Volt


2015 Chevy Volt

General Motors is looking to the experts for advice on the next generation Volt hybrid car—and we are not talking about expert engineers. Instead, the American carmaker is looking to Chevrolet Volt owners for input on what needs to be improved for the extended-range plug-in hybrid, while making a pledge that the 2016 model year Volt will be improved in all meaningful areas.

Based on research gathered on Volt driving habits, General Motors was able to determine that two-thirds of the Volts’ collective miles are driven in electric mode, with 81% of the Volts’ trips being completed solely on electric power. The research has discovered that Volt drivers plug the car in an average of 10 times a week with 60% of Volt customers only using a standard 110 outlet to charge.

With this information, we can guess that there will be some improvements made to the range of the Volt, along with its charging capabilities. GM already released a teaser shot of the 2016 Volt and announced its worldwide debut at the 2015 North American International Auto Show next January. Until the plug-in hybrid’s big debut, make sure you check back to Wiesner of Huntsville for more details as they are released.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Gets the Job Done and Saves Fuel


Pickup trucks aren’t known for their exceptional fuel economy, and pickup truck owners are not known for their interest in mileage figures… but is that a misconception?

At Wiesner of Huntsville, we’ve found that just because a customer wants a brawny vehicle that can haul all their gear doesn’t mean they care any less about efficiency. And that’s one area where the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon both excel.

Both are midsize trucks. They might not get super-duty jobs done quite all that well, but they’ll do everything else without breaking a sweat while offering highway fuel economy up to 5 mpg better than competitors.

This is possible thanks to the 3.6-liter V6 engine that both share, which uses direct fuel injection and continuously variable valve timing to produce 305 horsepower while returning 18 mpg city, 26 mpg highway, and 21 mpg combined.

“Colorado offers some of the best EPA fuel economy estimates of any pickup in a fun-to-drive, easy-to-own package,” said Tony Johnson, Colorado marketing manager. “Colorado proves you don’t have to buy a lot of expensive technology to save money at the pump.”

New Standard Feature on Chevy SS Sedan Makes Parallel Parking a Breeze


Was parallel parking the worst part of your driving test, the part that almost prevented you from driving home with your new license? If so, we at Wiesner of Huntsville think you’ll be glad to know that with the Chevy SS Sedan, your days of parallel parking are over. The vehicle now comes standard with Automatic Parking Assist, which means you’ll be able to take your hands off the wheel and allow your Chevy to do the parking for you.

Not only can the Automatic Parking Assist feature parallel park for you, it can also bay park your vehicle as well. All you have to do is put the car in reverse and control the gas and brake pedals, following the instructions from the Driver Information Center.

“Technologies that provide help in parking and even vehicles that can park themselves started, as most technologies do, on luxury cars but they have proliferated to more mainstream vehicles,” said Michelle Krebs, AutoTrader.com senior analyst. “They have broad appeal from newly licensed young drivers to older drivers and are also are attractive to people who live in increasingly congested urban areas.”

Basically, what she’s saying is you weren’t the only one who struggled through the parallel parking section of the driver’s test.

GM Offers an Educator Discount to Teachers Everywhere


While the end-of-year homemade cars and cookies are a great way to show your appreciation for your children’s teacher, GM has come up with something even better—an educator discount. Through January 2, 2015, current employees of a public or private school, university or college are eligible for the new GM Educator Discount program. Through this program, they will receive a significant discount on the purchase or lease of a new 2015 or 2014 Chevrolet, Buick or GMC vehicle.

“GM values the work our educators and support staff are doing across the country to create a strong, responsible workforce for the future,” said Linda Stouffer, manager of Vehicle Purchase Programs. “The GM Educator Discount is our way of showing our support and appreciation for everyone in the education community.”

The only cars that are not eligible for the discount program are the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 and Spark EV, so tell the teachers in your life to stop in to Wiesner of Huntsville today to receive a discount on all GM vehicles!

Man Reunited with Stolen Corvette 33 Years Later

How long would it take before you gave up ever seeing your stolen car again, a month, a year? For one Detroit man, he may have believed he would never see his 1979 Chevrolet Corvette again, but George Talley got the surprise of his life when AAA called him telling him his car had been found.

Talley was reunited with his stolen Corvette 33 years after it was taken from Jefferson Avenue in Detroit. AAA told him the car had been found in good condition in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

“It was a lucky day to hear that my car had been found,” said Talley, in a statement. “They told me it was running, had 47,000 miles on it and was ready for me to pick up!”

The icing on the cake? Mark Reuss, executive vice president for GM Product Development, heard Talley’s story on the news and wanted to lend a hand. He called Talley and offered to ship the car home to Detroit and Talley was able to pick up his beloved Corvette at a nice ceremony at the GM Headquarters.