Why Do We Love Willis?

Why We Love Willis - Wiesner of Huntsville

  • Willis is right next to Lake Conroe, where you can rent a boat for a day on the lake. You can also have dinner and dance on the water by hopping on a Southern
    Empress Cruise.
  • It’s near the beautiful Sam Houston National Forest for those that need their nature fix or want to go for a nice hike, bike, or camping trip.
  • Speaking of camping, Willis is home to several campgrounds, with Sunset Harbor Resort, the Landing, and Thousand Trails just to name a few.
  • Who doesn’t love the Gator Motorplex – stop by on a Saturday night with the family for a fun night of racing entertainment!
  • Want to hit some pristine greens and test your swing? Look no further than the Texas National Golf Course on Club House Drive.
  • If there isn’t enough time to go camping but you still want to enjoy the great outdoors, Willis is also home to many parks, including Charles Traylor Park and Pine Circle Park among others.
  • Rich with history, Willis, Texas became a community when the Great Northern Railroad decided to run a track from Houston to Chicago. The Willis brothers donated their land in 1870 to the railroad and soon saw a prosperous community develop. The main crops of the time included tobacco, cash crops of cotton, watermelons, and tomatoes. By 2020, Willis will be celebrating 150 years of establishment!
  • Let’s not forget about the Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell. Willis is hometown to the “Southern Boy,” who also attended Sam Houston State University!
  • Willis is also home to the Hidden Gem Diner… no explanation needed.

Things To Do in the Huntsville Cultural District

In 2009, the Texas Commission of the Arts began designating specific cultural districts throughout the state. One of the first of seven of these new arts districts was the Huntsville Cultural District. This downtown area in Huntsville, Texas, offers everything from historic, preserved architecture to live theater performances. Residents and visitors alike are invited to discover these historical gems.

Huntsville Cultural District

One of the draws to the cultural district is the historic buildings. (Texas Commission on the Arts)

What can I do there?

Aside from the historical buildings, there are also new buildings in the Huntsville Cultural District. Architect Dan Phillips created them all from recyclable materials, which adds to the appeal. Additionally, many of the downtown buildings have been given an extra artistic touch by Richard Haas. Haas painted several murals throughout the district.

The cultural district has artist studios and workshops for the creative types, but those who don’t want to exercise their creative skills still have options. You can also visit museums, theaters, art galleries, and any number of events and festivals in the area.

The Huntsville Cultural District has all sorts of attractions and memorialized buildings and houses for you to see. Whether you’re looking for a charming downtown center to sight-see and experience a taste of preserved history, support local artists, see a live show, or find some way to pass a day, it’s all right here. Furthermore, visitors can take guided tours for a little bit of everything. This area has about all you need for an exciting day. Which one of these are you most excited for? We want you to share anything we missed!

Top Three Reasons To Drive Instead Of Fly

For a lot of people, the choice to take a plane or a car is merely an economical one. You crunch the numbers and see if the ticket is less expensive than the gas. But you can’t forget about the intangibles! And that’s what our top three reasons to drive instead of fly are all about.

2016 Buick Verano interior - reasons to drive instead of fly

Why You Should Drive Instead of Fly

# 3 – Claustrophobia

Arguably the most unpleasant aspect of flying is the lack of personal space. They pack you in like sardines, and you spend the whole flight bumping elbows with total strangers. In a car, there’s so much more room, and you get stop any time you want to stretch your legs.

# 2 – Fresh air

Notice how flying makes you exhausted? It’s not that there is less oxygen in the cabin, it’s that your blood absorbs less oxygen at such high altitudes. As a result, you come off the plane feeling—and many times looking—like a zombie. If you drive instead of fly, you get benefit of full oxygen absorption (assuming it’s not a mountain trip).

# 1 – Scenery

You know that no matter how stunning the view from the window seat is, before long you are going to fall asleep, followed by waking up with a crick in your neck. In the car, the scenery is right there. You can almost reach out and grab it. In fact, admiring the scenery on a road trip may be the best reason to drive instead of fly.

A Few Of The Best Podcasts Around

woman driving - best podcasts

For a lot of people, the daily commute is the most boring and frustrating part of their day. On your way to work, you are just trying not to be late. And on your way home, you just want to relax and binge on Netflix or start dinner for the family.

One of the best ways to enhance your commute is by listening to the best podcasts. Here are a few…

  1. Mystery Show

    This podcast has the coolest premise ever. Host Starlee Kine investigates odd, everyday mysteries. For instance, in one episode, she helps find the owner of a seat belt that was found lying in a gutter!

  2. Radiolab

    This classic podcast is still going strong. The hosts find a way to make the natural sciences powerfully engaging through odd and interesting, and often very personal, stories.

  3. Serial

    The first season of Serial was quite possibly the best podcast series ever made. Season two is focusing on the case of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, a one-time prisoner of the Taliban who now faces charges of treason and dereliction of duty.

Find plenty more exciting podcasts here!

Christmas Travel Tips from Wiesner of Huntsville

Christmas Travel Tips

Traveling during the holidays can be stressful. While you may have done it year after year, there are still a few things you may forget. That can change this holiday season! Whether you’re heading to England or driving a few hours to another state, we here at Wiesner of Huntsville have Christmas travel tips that ensure a smooth trip!

  1. Plan Ahead. While you may be used to booking flights a week in advance, it never hurts to plan further ahead! The end result could be a cheaper ticket, package deals, or more convenient flight times. If you’re driving, plot out your route ahead of time. It wouldn’t hurt to come up with a backup in case there’s a road closure. Packing a few days in advance will give you time to remember anything you’ve forgotten as well.
  2. Avoid Crowds. No matter what airport you’ve traveled from, crowds are a sure thing around the holidays. While many think crowds are just a part of traveling, you can avoid them in one easy step: book a flight early in the morning or late at night. Most people aren’t traveling at this time, making it a breeze to get through security to your gate.
  3. Know the Rules. The TSA isn’t known for making exceptions to their rules. Print out the rules to check while you pack. Knowing how much liquid is allowed and how to pack it can make the difference between making and missing your flight!

From all of us here at Wiesner of Huntsville, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Worried About Pet Safety While Driving? Here’s a Few Tips

Everyone likes to bring their dog along with them in the car, whether they’re going on a road trip or to the convenience store. But people often don’t think much about pet safety while driving – your furry friend could easily get hurt or hurt you in the case of an accident. If you’re wondering how to keep your driving companion safe, we have a few pointers.

pet safety while driving

First of all, if you’re wondering what kind of vehicle is best for someone who likes to bring their pets in the car with them, the answer is that it depends. Typically, you should find a more spacious car, minivan, or SUV with good safety ratings and features, along with cloth seats, as leather upholstery will just get shredded by Fido’s claws. The word ‘spacious’ is relative here, however, depending on whether you’re bringing a Chihuahua or a Mastiff into the car. Always consider your animal’s comfort and make sure they have room to stretch their legs a bit.

It’s a good idea to get your pet some exercise prior to a car ride, too, especially if the animal is particularly nervous or anxious. The positive hormones released by exercise will improve your pet’s mood, and the activity will tire them out and make them less energetic during the actual ride. Some pet stores offer liners and pet barriers specifically made for trips in the car, and it’s recommended that you get your pet some sort of harness or restraint – a large dog could easily become a projectile in the case of an accident.

For longer trips, remember to bring plastic bags and waste scoops, as well as water, food, and a leash. Keep the windows cracked when leaving your pet in the car, and never leave them alone in the car on a hot day. Remembering these tips will keep you and your travel companion happy and healthy. For many, having a pet is like having another child, and any parent wants to ensure their baby grows up safe and secure!

Safe travels from all of us here at Wiesner of Huntsville!