Chevrolet Brings in Big Bucks at the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction

Car enthusiasts everywhere know the importance of the vehicles at the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction. These cars are the sleekest, most stylish cars around and often are sold for big money to benefit various charities. That’s exactly what happened at the most recent auction, and four Chevy cars topped the news headlines.

A black and gold beauty, the Linda Vaughn LV-1 Camaro, brought in $280,000 at auction, all to benefit a non-profit organization, The Dreamakers, and the International Kids Alliance Network. Back in the 60s, Linda was Miss Hurst Golden Shifter and a racing spokeswoman. She teamed up with designers to create her own edition of the Camaro, and boy, is it sharp.

The very first 2014 Chevy Camaro COPO was also auctioned off, bringing in a killer $700,000! The COPO features an LS-based 2.9-liter V8 engine backed by a Turbo 400 automatic transmission. One-hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of the COPO will benefit the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans.


2014 Camaro COPO

Finally, one of the rarest Chevrolet vehicles out there, the 1967 Chevy Corvette L88, was auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson for an amazing $3.85 million, shocking and awing enthusiasts everywhere! Only twenty of these were produced, people. The classic red color combination of this particular car is thought to only exist on this car—only adding to its desirability.

There’s no doubt that Chevy takes the cake when it comes to cool, sporty cars.

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