Driving Has Never Been So Relaxing: Cadillac Massage Chairs Introduced

Cadillac has always been a step above in luxury, and this latest development is no different. Cadillac massage chairs have been introduced, and each one has 22 glorious settings.

Cadillac Massage Chairs

Cadillac has always had supple leather seats that you just want to melt into, but this takes the cake. And hey, if you’re starting to doze off during your drive, just hit the anti-fatigue option and it will wake you right back up.

Can you think of a better way to drive home from a stressful day at work than with what is essentially your own personal masseuse in your car? The option is available for both the driver and passenger seats. It also stores your settings to be able to quite simply press a button and have the chair target all the problem areas you have set it to recognize.

Wiesner of Huntsville is proud to offer a brand that is on the forefront of luxury vehicles and so focused on the driving experience of our customers.

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