New Chevy Ad Was Directed by Horror Movie Director Sam Raimi

creepy woods drive - new Chevy ad

When you watch a horror movie, do you ever find yourself wishing the characters were a little smarter? Ever catch yourself uselessly shouting at the screen, “No, don’t open that door”?

If you do, Chevrolet knows exactly what that’s like—and it captured that feeling in its latest ad for the all-new Cruze and Malibu, available at Wiesner of Huntsville.

It was directed by Michigan-born filmmaker Sam Raimi, who you might recognize as the name behind the supernatural cult horror film Evil Dead.

The new Chevy ad features one of those stereotypical, scared-but-clueless characters that you might find in horror films—usually one of those who are first to run to their death in a remarkable display of lack of survival instincts.

This time, though, she does survive, thanks to the audience’s warnings—which, the ad points out, are not unlike the warnings the all-new 2016 Chevy Cruze and Malibu will give you when you aren’t paying attention to danger on the road.

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