Let the Chevrolet Colorado Help You Release Your Inner Truck Guy

General Motors has initiated a clever and memorable marketing campaign based around the Chevrolet Colorado. The commercials play off the notion that trucks only attract certain buyers, namely, guys who are really into trucks. Paul Edwards, US vice-president of marketing for Chevrolet, said, “The films are centered around the idea that there is an inner truck guy in everyone.”


These commercials have somewhat of a mockumentary style. In one of them, we meet a man looking to find a date online. Chevrolet decides to help him out by loaning him a Colorado.  He takes the Colorado on a surfing adventure, and then photos and videos of his adventure are uploaded to his online profile. We are told this increases his profile views by 3,000 percent.

In another, we’re asked, “Can a truck make you more handsome?” We see focus groups composed of guys with beards, children, housewives. They are all shown two pictures. One shows a guy standing in front of a generic compact sedan.  In the other, the same guy is standing in front of a Chevrolet Colorado.  The guy standing in front of the truck is unanimously chosen as most handsome.  Of course!

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GM: Two Midsize Pickup Trucks to be Released

2012 GMC Canyon

2012 GMC Canyon

Last week, General Motors announced the up and coming arrival of two former midsize pickup trucks: the Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon, both who failed to see a 2013 model. Nonetheless, GM has high expectations for these trucks, which are expected to be improved and enhanced with versatility and fantastic fuel efficiency. It will be the reintroduction of the midsize pickup truck into a market full of big, strong, body-building large pickups, so the new and improved Colorado and Canyon should be a success.

Only a nose-to-nose photo of the Colorado and Canyon together was released, but from what GM says, both trucks will undergo vast improvements when they begin production next year. These trucks, along with the 2014 Silverado and Sierra 1500, will give GM one of the most powerful and complete truck lineups of all time. General Motors will be even more of a force to be reckoned with.

What do you think? Are you ready for the next midsize pickup truck?