2016 Malibu Hybrid Features Volt Technology

2016 Malibu Hybrid

Get ready to meet one of the most fuel-efficient mid-sized sedans! Introduced during the 2015 New York Auto Show and coming to market in the spring of 2016, Chevrolet will offer a hybrid option to its Chevy Malibu lineup that will get a class-leading 45mpg combined city and highway mileage rating.

“We’re bringing a hybrid to the midsize segment to compete,” said Jesse Ortega, Chevrolet Malibu chief engineer. “We understand this is a very competitive, significant battle. But we think we’re very well-armed for this battle.”

Under the hood, the 2016 Malibu hybrid features a direct injection 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that works in tandem with a two-motor drive unit, which is a modified version of the one found in Chevy’s 2016 Volt and gives the dual powered Malibu the ability to reach 182hp. The 1.5 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack is capable of powering the hybrid Malibu up to 55miles per hour on electricity with the gasoline power kicking in when higher speeds are necessary.

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