Chevrolet Suburban is Going Camping with New Tailgating Add-Ons

The Chevrolet Suburban is going outdoorsy with its newest tailgating innovation. The furniture company, Workshop, which specializes in building furniture out of recycled wood, has built table and bench tailgating add-ons to be implemented into the Premium Outdoors edition of the Suburban. All of the wood used for the tables has come from purposefully deconstructed Detroit homes.


As the industry’s original SUV, the Suburban has historical roots in Detroit, and with its 80th anniversary passing, it has a legacy to preserve alongside its new wooden accessories. It’s the longest running nameplate in the whole industry, and it plans on staying that way for a long time.

“Using salvaged materials like this is more than simply recycling and keeping valuable materials out of a landfill – it’s about preserving something tangible from Detroit’s history,” said James Willer of Workshop. “That house may no longer exist, but a piece of its legacy lives on.”

Wiesner of Huntsville will be looking forward to featuring this and other outdoorsy versions of the 2015 Suburban. For more information on this car and its various editions, feel free to contact us!