Motor Trend Names New Z/28 Best Driver’s Car for Performance


Are you driven by and obsessed with performance? If so, you are probably already a fan of the Chevrolet Camaro, the brand’s longtime fan favorite sports car. Now, though, thanks to the all-new Z/28 version, the Camaro is a critical darling, as well. You see, Motor Trend just named the all-new Z/28 the best driver’s car for performance for 2014. It’s the first American-made car to win that title in the seven-year history of the award.

The prestigious award puts the new Camaro on a high pedestal, giving it a huge boost in the competitive muscle car market. But it’s nothing more than what was expected, according to Chevrolet.

“The mission for the new Z/28 was to create the most capable, best-handling Camaro in our history,” said Mark Reuss, General Motors’ executive vice president, Global Product Development. “As such, I can’t think of a better validation of that mission than for the Z/28 to be named Motor Trend’s Best Driver’s Car.”

If you’re looking for an excellent car that gives you the ultimate in performance, capability, style, and wow factor, there’s really only one choice, according to Motor Trend, as well as many other automobile experts. That choice is the all-new Camaro Z/28, so come see us at Wiesner of Huntsville to learn more about this ultra-fast sports car today.

New Chevy Camaro Z/28 is a Road Racer at Heart


Like the original Z/28 that it’s modeled after, the new Camaro Z/28 is designed first and foremost for road racing. the 2014 Z/28 channels the spirit of its predecessor in every single detail of its meticulous design, from the sexy exterior to what’s under the hood to the nuts and bolts of its makeup.

The makers of the new Camaro Z/28 listed three things they specifically zeroed in on to create the most track-capable Camaro ever produced: increased grip, increased stopping power, and reduced curb weight. It all adds up to an extremely powerful sports car, but one that responds promptly and precisely to handling, giving the driver a true feeling of total control.

“Like the first-generation Z/28, the new model is a road racer first and foremost. It features a wide range of state-of-the-art exterior performance modifications, and weight-reduction measures. It was bred for the track, pure and simple,” said Mark Stielow, Camaro Z/28 engineering manager.

Check out a full list of 28 reasons the Camaro Z/28 could record the fastest-ever lap at Nurburgring for a Camaro in this press release. Then come by Wiesner of Huntsville to check out the Camaro for yourself!