Worried About Pet Safety While Driving? Here’s a Few Tips

Everyone likes to bring their dog along with them in the car, whether they’re going on a road trip or to the convenience store. But people often don’t think much about pet safety while driving – your furry friend could easily get hurt or hurt you in the case of an accident. If you’re wondering how to keep your driving companion safe, we have a few pointers.

pet safety while driving

First of all, if you’re wondering what kind of vehicle is best for someone who likes to bring their pets in the car with them, the answer is that it depends. Typically, you should find a more spacious car, minivan, or SUV with good safety ratings and features, along with cloth seats, as leather upholstery will just get shredded by Fido’s claws. The word ‘spacious’ is relative here, however, depending on whether you’re bringing a Chihuahua or a Mastiff into the car. Always consider your animal’s comfort and make sure they have room to stretch their legs a bit.

It’s a good idea to get your pet some exercise prior to a car ride, too, especially if the animal is particularly nervous or anxious. The positive hormones released by exercise will improve your pet’s mood, and the activity will tire them out and make them less energetic during the actual ride. Some pet stores offer liners and pet barriers specifically made for trips in the car, and it’s recommended that you get your pet some sort of harness or restraint – a large dog could easily become a projectile in the case of an accident.

For longer trips, remember to bring plastic bags and waste scoops, as well as water, food, and a leash. Keep the windows cracked when leaving your pet in the car, and never leave them alone in the car on a hot day. Remembering these tips will keep you and your travel companion happy and healthy. For many, having a pet is like having another child, and any parent wants to ensure their baby grows up safe and secure!

Safe travels from all of us here at Wiesner of Huntsville!

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